Member Services

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is one of the most serious decisions you will make in your life and every couple must prepare for the journey ahead. Before any dates are scheduled for the church or pastor, pre-marital counseling is required and must be completed. There will be at least 4-6 weekly pre-marital sessions before the pastor performs a wedding ceremony. Marriage is a great institution ordained by God and we seek to equip couples with tools and resources for a successful marriage. The process begins with a pre-marital assessment that identifies the couple’s areas of strength and opportunities for strengthening.

Please call the Church Administrator, Sis.Cynthia Evans, at (954) 782-5881, to schedule your initial session before wedding planning begins.


As couples begin the wedding planning process, please note and adhere to the following:

  • The pastor will arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony
  • No honorarium is required for the pastor if the bride and/or groom are a member of Antioch. However, a love offering for the pastor is appreciated. Non-members must call the office to discuss the donation for wedding services.
  • Weddings are expected to begin on time. If not, additional fees will be added for the pastor’s extended
    time as a part of the ceremony.
  • Please confirm with the Church Administrator, whether or not the Pastor is available to attend the wedding reception.

Baby Dedications

As Baptists, we dedicate babies to God, as opposed to baptizing them. When they are old enough to receive Christ as their personal savior, they are baptized at that time. This follows the model of Hannah and her son. Baby dedications are performed every third Sunday. To schedule a dedication, please call the Church Administrator, Sis. Cynthia Evans, at (954) 782-5881.


A deaconess will be in contact with all baptism candidates. Female candidates are to bring a towel, tee-shirt, shorts and dry undergarments for changing. Male candidates will wear a white T-shirt and shorts during baptism and need to bring dry undergarments for changing. Baptism candidates need to arrive 45 minutes early.  Please note that once baptism has ended, candidates are not to re-enter the baptismal pool.